Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why bother with the question mark?

The only interesting thing -- aside from the process that produced "in orders to" -- about the Fox homepage here is why it took until midafternoon to, you know, get to the real point of the story. (You could make a case for studying how quickly it fell off, but that's -- squirrel! -- mostly owing to the chance to say "Sony," "FBI" and "North Korea" in the same clause.) Did it really take that long to find a critic to do the accusing, given that Dr. Manny is already on the payroll?

If you really want to catch the drooler media at their peak on the Cuba story, you might want to check out The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama may visit Cuba, even though the government is repressive, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday.

“It is not unprecedented for us to go places and interact with countries with whom we have a very fundamental difference of opinion about how they treat their citizens,” Earnest said Dec. 17, citing Obama’s recent travel to China and Burma.


Whence the "fascist" in the headline? Hang on:

,,, A national socialist government has ruled Cuba since 1959. Cuba’s fascist regime was highlighted Dec. 17, when the country’s ruler — Raul Castro —- appeared in a military uniform and addressed his subjects as “compatriots.” In contrast, leaders of the Communist Party in Russia excluded military leaders and uniforms, and addressed their subjects as non-national “comrades.”

In 2011, Castro replaced his brother, Fidel Castro, who ruled the country since 1959.

Earnest defended the deal with the fascist government by saying it has released more than 50 political prisoners, promised to work with officials from the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cress, and promised to allow the importation of communications products, Earnest said.


In other words, if you got a cold, go take a shot of malaria. And don't forget the extra attribution!

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Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

That's right; Stalin never wore a uniform and was never called Generalissimo. Oh wait...

11:52 AM, December 18, 2014  

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