Friday, September 12, 2014

On the bright side ...

... at least it doesn't say "Buh-bye." There's nothing else to cheer in the return of the Most Favoritest Misbegotten Lede of the downtown fishwraps:

Bye bye pop can.

That’s what the Detroit Fire Department might be saying soon to its rigged-up emergency alert system. It could get replaced — for free — by one of several philanthropic software companies that recently learned just how bad things are in Detroit.

The Freep stylebook doesn't address "bye-bye," but Webster's puts in the hyphen. Last time we set up the "that's what" with a form of direct address, at least we remembered the Donner Party comma:

Sayonara, prison life.

That’s what Monica Conyers can say now that her federal prison sentence for bribery is officially over.

And, alas, "replaced by" has at least one extra meaning too many to work here.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, I really got a lot out of the play. 



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