Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fill in the clean

Hey, kids! Here's a comment from one of your fellow readers. Do you want to rush right over to his blog, owing to his awesome rock sensibilities, or can you point to, oh, four or five problems (mostly lexical, some syntactic) that make you think otherwise?

However that's not to say I do not try, on occasion, to seek out something comparatively new that doesn't make me feel like gagging up my Ensure. I definitely do not trust what anyone says a few new band or a brand new sound or a brand new concept, particularly if that individual is young enough and inexperienced sufficient to suppose that “a brand new idea” is 4 totally different chords in a single tune.

I am not the type to rummage through iTunes or go out to a membership to listen to one other variation on three guitar players and a ham-fisted drummer bellowing one thing about how disaffected they're with ____________ (fill in the clean).

With apologies to the poor writer whose piece was cannibalized by our spammer -- thanks, mysterious porn-blog-in-China owner! I can complain ad nauseam about the evils of patchwriting and get nothing but vacant stares, but you've shown why it makes the practitioner look not only dishonest but sublimely dumb.

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