Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today in sourcing

The sources, in order, to whom direct quotes are attributed in today's Fair 'n' Balanced look (so far) at the future of the House leadership:

one senior House GOP source

one member

one senior House GOP leadership aide

another aide

a senior House Republican source who asked not to be identified

one senior aide to Boehner

one former House Republican

Indirect quotes are also attributed to:

Republicans* sources

one Republican aide

GOP sources

For a total of ... um, no named sources at all in your lead story.

I'm in the camp that thinks the journalistic obsession with naming sources sometimes comes at the expense of appropriate attention to the quality of information that sources provide (quick, see how long it takes you to find a named source affirming the imminent peril of Iraq's WMD stockpile). But there ought to be at least a favor or two you can call in after all that service as the Eyes and Ears of the Party.

* Yeah, (sic)

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