Sunday, May 11, 2014

Willie Gillis in flying Winnebago

A: The amount of time it takes for a story about a Norman Rockwell painting to become an Obama story at Fox.
Q: What is "about two hours," Alex?

Our story in brief: Rockwell donated one of his "Willie Gillis" paintings to a high school principal who had been seeking to buy a senior class present. Now, mindful of the value of Rockwells, town officials have decided to put "Willie Gillis in Convoy" up for auction, with the proceeds destined for "an educational endowment for the town's schools."

You could get out your J104 textbook and try to figure out which of the basic news values (proximity, conflict, timeliness, and so forth) put this among Fox's top four stories this morning, or you could just let the commenters tell you:

This auction should be dis-allowed. The painting is public property.

Don't say that, then the Feds will be in charge of the redistribution of the proceeds. Meaning the proceeds will be used to restock O's flying Winnebago (AF1).

So of course it's an Obama story:

A painting Obama The Oppressor will never truly understand

the exact opposite of the what the Obama regime and his followers have gifted us with.

Watch for the tyrant's race-baiting minions find a way to "paint" Rockwell as racist.  Just watch.


... but it's also about those thuggish unionized public employees:

Yea, that's a bunch of horse dung! It will find its way to pay for teachers retirement benefits.

With the NEA and federal influence on all schools, I'm surprised Obama isn't claiming the painting! What ever the proceeds will mostly go to teachers union coffers!

They will 'officially' say it is worth a million but grab a lot more, and you watch, the money 'will' go towards education, but just like the states do with lottery money, the same amount from the general funds that would have gone there also... well... that will get sent elsewhere.  Very convenient way to launder money for pork barrel projects and to get vermin re elected.

The Teachers Union will want a raise since the City will have more money.

C'mon, we all know it's going to be sold to shore up the teacher's pensions !

... and the decline of schools (and America) under the librul jackboot:

Americana portraying sincere and open faith and patriotism are uncomfortable and anathema to modern liberalism except as empty campaign scenery.  That some few place a high value today on past expressions of such sentiment is both puzzling and repugnant to them.

Considering we now teach our children that WW2 was American expansionism, that the United States is not merely imperfect but morally repugnant, the painting no longer has a "home" in the school system. The sad or disgusting thing is that it will be converted into an "endowment" which will, as all liberal "endowments" are used for, be used to fund another method or project to teach children how awful the United States is. We have taught children how awful the United States is for forty years now.  One day we will wake up and find the United States, or at least the core of its freedoms, gone lost to a generation taught to hate the country and in turn destroy it through the ballot box.

... and librulism in general:

The "town's schools" Rockwell gave that painting to Gardner High School. Why should the other schools get in this act? This is typical collective socialism at its best.  This is unbelievable!

What a waste. Throwing good money away and for no reason except to further liberal education practices. I hope whoever purchases it at least keeps it out of the hands of future greedy liberals.

... and, of course, GUNZ:

Oh wait!  I get it, it's a sympathetic portrayal of an American soldier, the all American boy.  It is "military", ugh, and we can't have that.  It may influence the kids to love their country!   It may encourage them to buy a g-u-n (oh no!).  It may...God forbid....motivate them to....join the military.....SELL!

Norman Rockwell should be banned from all schools since he painted guns.

I am VERY surprised that a Massachusetts school ACCEPTED this painting as it is OBVIOUSLY a terrorist threat as it has 3 assault rifles pictured! ! ! ! ! !!

From the War on Editing perspective, it's interesting to note that Fox, and the Globe, and the AP all seem convinced that the painting has been kept out of sight for safekeeping after it was first appraised in 2001, notwithstanding an AP photo showing it in display after a 2005 restoration (discussed in this article cited in the Wikipedia entry). But that's not nearly as much fun as figuring out what makes a low-bore local story into top news for the Fox audience.

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