Sunday, May 04, 2014

Realism-free zone

Is this one just getting too stale?

A: What is "none," Alex?
Q: The number of Iranian protests, or protesters, mentioned in the AP story linked from the Drudge headline above!

International nuclear inspectors will visit two sites in Iran in the coming days, the country's official news agency reported Sunday, as an official said that would fulfill a series of demands made by the United Nations nuclear watchdog.

Meaning ... we might not get to have another war with the scary brown people after all?

... Under the November deal, Tehran stopped enrichment of uranium to 20 percent -- which is a possible pathway to nuclear arms -- in exchange for the easing of some Western sanctions. It also agreed to dilute half of its 20 percent enriched uranium into 5 percent and turn the remaining half into oxide, which is very difficult to be used for bomb-making materials.

And if the Iranian public is complaining about the idea, we certainly don't have any evidence of it in this story. Which is actually kind of cool, if you're interested in the world and how the press covers it. "Firehoses turned on protesters" at right, for example -- who'd imagine that the protests were, um, actually in a different country from the sushi, and that the protesters aren't annoyed about the price of sushi but about "an expected security pact that would increase the American military presence in the Philippines"? I mean, you might have an entirely different perspective about whether and how US foreign policy was addressing the country's interests than if, say, you watch the Sunday talk shows.

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