Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today in, um, averages

Now why do you suppose the expected rise in water levels is the No. 3 story of the evening at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network? OK, before you answer that, maybe we should look at the quote that the quote in the headline came from:

But even with the estimated rise of 13-15 inches, the levels are still well below historic levels.

“The levels have risen significantly, but the caveat is that they are still a foot below the all-time average high,” Keith Kompoltowicz, watershed hydrology chief for the Detroit district of the Army Corps of Engineers told

So if you were wondering what "all-time average high" means in this case, just subtract a foot and carry on. Because we already know why the story's on the front page, don't we, commenters?

The earth has been cooling for the past 17+ years due to "global warming".

aI don't see al gore's fa t as s out there swimming in that hot water from all his global warming scams

But the LEFTY Peeps keep drinking Al Gore koolaid.  It's the COOL WAY to raise money

Good thing that Obama can lower the sea levels.

just take his fa t a s s wife out of the ocean and the levels will decrease by about 30 feet

ok---so we don't have global warming, how can we use something to control our CHANGE AGENDAY.  do what?  find something you can't measure like the temp.  How about  climate change??? we can argue all day and nobody can prove us wrong and we can use the EPA---who's manual was put together by the fake CIA agent---to continue our CHANGE AGENDA.  Hope they don't go back in time like before we even had gas driven products and the worse "climate" ever even changed a government.

Dang it that global warming...I mean Climate control.

no no it's climate science now!!  silly children  who choose to follow the nonsense of the 60's hippies

How can this be?  Everyone knows the Earth is warming.

I wonder when the Democrats are going to start measuring all of the heat coming from all those bombs, IED’s, Suicide Bombs being set-off by the loving people of Islam and start fining these terrorist groups, I mean loving people for global warming



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