Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today in visual journalism

What is it about the Daily Mail? Maybe the conciseness of the heds:

Satellite data shows hijacked MH370 was last seen flying towards Pakistan OR Indian Ocean as investigators search pilots' luxury homes and reveal one had home-made flight simulator

... which, once you catch your breath, also offers seven bulleted decks, the last of which is worth noting:
Police raided the pair's luxury homes in upmarket Kuala Lumpur suburb
We have several shots of the co-pilot's alleged house, but none of the luxury home belonging to the pilot. Hence the photo above, captioned thus:
Shah's property would have looked similar to this one and is set in an estate which is said to be popular with high-income earners
Makes you miss the good old days of the Artist's Conception, doesn't it?

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Anonymous Ed Latham said...

'Luxury homes', eh? A clear indication that something suspicious was afoot.

5:47 AM, March 16, 2014  

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