Saturday, June 09, 2012

Common cold cured! Mideast at peace!

... so there must be some 1A space left over for letting local experts recite cliches and semi-truisms about the power of mind over matter, or something:

Survive at all costs. Dig deep. Believe. Focus. And the superhuman is possible.

If you've ever wondered what that will to live looks like in action, you saw it in LeBron James' laser-focused eyes, his trance-like determination, as he led the Miami Heat on a one-man scoring bonanza that caught the stunned Boston Celtics flat-footed and forced Game 7 of a sudden-death playoff series Thursday night.

Call it fight or flight, but don't mistake this all-consuming desire to overcome as an asset isolated to the sports world — this resolve, to persevere despite the odds, resides in all of us, experts say.

Could we just watch the game, please?

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Blogger 4ndyman said...

You didn't write about what I saw first, which was more headline stupidity. "Like LeBron in Game 6, will to fight is in us all." How much LeBron do you think you have in you right now?

3:05 PM, June 11, 2012  

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