Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm dreaming of a .... no,don't, sorry

You could see the drama building all week at the Foremost Newspaper of the Carolinas, couldn't you?

Latest forecasts ... whiter than ever
The latest computer model runs -- from midday -- are in, and they continue to paint a snowy picture in the Charlotte area and elsewhere across the Carolinas for the second half of Christmas Day.

White Christmas? Ask the computers

Yes, the National Weather Service forecast is mentioning snow for Christmas.

Do you remember Charlotte's 1947 snow?
The National Weather Service says snow is coming to the Charlotte area this weekend. The last measurable Christmas snow in Charlotte was in 1947, which means most of us didn't see that event.

So it must be a little (or a lot) embarrassing to have to report that you're now expecting a little -- or a lot, depending on whether you read the hed or the lede -- less snow than you were a few hours ago.

All right, all right. Your Editor is from that part of the country. Well does he speak the language of stocking up on bread and milk at the merest thought of half an inch of snow. But that's why we choose to pass along the hard-earned wisdom of the ages. If you don't want to be deciding on Thursday whether your prediction of Wednesday needs to be walked back a little or a lot, you could start by not making quite so many predictions.


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