Sunday, December 12, 2010

TSA: The early years

Can't you just see the pioneering forecasters now? Firing up the kerosene-powered IIc and laboriously recording snowfall totals on 12" wax floppy discs? Thanks to their hard work, we can look back today and say the snowiest winter on record at Metro Airport was (drum roll please): 1880-1881.

While you're at it, please bear in mind that "Let it snow" is on the permanently banned list. How "average" did last winter have to be to qualify as "very average"? And speaking of average, who was gazing out the window when this monster went clanking by?

By Monday, foreĀ­casters said, the area will average about 5 inches of snow, lots of wind and some areas with up to 10 inches of snow.



Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

Wow. Detroit had an airport in 1880?

I expect the "very average" meant "very close to the average", assuming that 44" is "the" average and not just another year label.

10:35 AM, December 12, 2010  

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