Monday, September 06, 2010

'Cognitive dissonance' for $100, Alex

Wanna watch the little brains asplode? Turn to the comments on the No. 2 Most Top Super-Important Story of the Day over to the Fair 'n' Balanced Network!

With all due respect General, muslims hate us... Their ultimate goal is conquest of the world in the name of Islam, by whatever means works

I understand that General Petraeus is just trying to do the job he was told to do by his bosses like any military member. However, a LOT of folks are tired of the PC junk that they've had shoved down their throats and their mood is turning very angry very fast. Its all coming apart, all this "hope and change" bunk, and though the left will whine and moan, its too late.

Maybe when they stop burning Bibles, we'll start thinking about not burning the Korans. It's about time we fight back and dump all this political correctness. So the General can blame Koran burning all he wants but it is our spineless politicians that won't fight the war to win and instead play there politically correct games that gets our troops killed. If our so called leaders would fight the war to win, it would have been over a long time ago with many American lives saved.............

I do not know this guy very well, but I do not like the spineless stance he is taking. .... If he is the epitome of heroism like all those medals suggest, we need him on the front line like Andrew Jackson! Need to restructure and get this guy out of command.

Now you know why they replaced General McCrystal . He would not support the Koran.

Our own general showing a weakness of threats from the enemy? Now that's not very good at all. ... Petraus is speaking for Obama because Obama is too weak to do it himself.

General Betrayus is afraid of muslims.

General, Sir. Did you tell the Afghans that they should not step on and burn the American Flag when they go about their protests, or is your criticism just aimed at the free speech of Americans?

Hey General,....I'm retired active duty, twenty six of service. If you, a fellow warrior don't have the stomach to fight, then step aside and let warriors fight the enemy.

This is the Political Correctness that will destroy this Country ! And now our top General cave's to it ! Let's take off the Glove's and Fight a World War, Like my Father and uncle's did in WW2 ! That is what is going on here. If all you nimrods cant understand what's going on here " It's a World War "!!!! And Islam And There followers, are Bringing it on.

Oh great! Now we've got a general that won't stand up for our constitution, and wants to cave in to the enemy. ... If he can't handle the job, he needs to go and go now. I'm sure a lot of our soldiers would like to have a leader that is willing to go in with all guns a blazing and get this war over with, so they can get home to their families and the Afgan people can get on with their lives.

Hey, General, I don't approve of burning Koran's, either, but it is not your place to comment on what folks in Florida or anywhere else in the United States do on September 11th or any other day of the year. Your job is to make our enemies afraid of us. Or we need to find someone else who can.

Maybe we should have made our troops and US citizens read and revere Mein Kampf during WWII.

And you could go on and on -- as, indeed, the commenters do. Look. I think a couple of things about General Petraeus. One, he knows a substantial bit more about his job than I do. Two, he's no dummy. (I'm going to assume that Princeton and Missouri are part of the Universal Reciprocal Dissertation Treaty: we don't make fun of theirs, and they don't make fun of ours.) Three -- my, the folks who were enraged about "General Betray Us" a few years ago seem to have changed their tune in a hurry, don't they?



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