Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who did what to whom?

Diagramming party, stand by for surface action:

During a cross-country trip, Robbie Paul Howell repeatedly beat his wife while their 2-year-old watched and allegedly tried to suffocate her.

Here's a test. If the person sitting next to you can't tell who did what to whom, try another lede.

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Blogger John Cowan said...

What's more, it's kind of silly to give the full name of the accused while carefully concealing the names of the victim and witness, which are going to be not only similar but well-known to anyone who knows the accused.

3:15 PM, August 31, 2010  
Blogger Ink-Stained Wretch said...

Along the same lines, I once saw a lede that went something like this:

Gloria Steinem and Phillis Schlafly last night debated a woman's right to have an abortion before an audience of 500 people.

6:57 PM, August 31, 2010  

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