Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question of the morning

I don't know. For that matter, as far as I can tell, neither does the Orlando Sentinel. Indeed, from the story, you can't tell whether the bear has been caught ("On Friday night, they caught her") or not ("wildlife officials have said they will euthanize the bear, if they can trap the one suspected in Thursday night's contact with Stamm").

Nor can you tell whether the food was pet food inside the door or people food outside ("It possibly looked like chicken containers"), or whether it was placed around the house by human hand or something rooting through the trash, or even whether the victim-slash-suspect has been charged: It's "could face charges" on the front but "faces a second-degree misdemeanor charge" in the story. About all you can tell is that Orlando doesn't put much value on reading stuff before it's published. And that isn't a good idea.

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