Saturday, December 05, 2009

Why God made morons

As you may have noticed over the past few days, the Fair 'n' Balanced folks are turning it up to 11 over the climate change issue. Houston, we are told, had snow! Indeed, there was "snow across the South," according to the AP.

Well, sorta. The inside photo is from Blacksburg, which isn't exactly the coastal plain. "Across the South" includes "light snow at higher elevations" in Tennessee and North Carolina. And it is, may we point out, December, when it sometimes snows even in lower elevations -- though not, so far this season, up here in our little cabin home north of Canada.

Moral? Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it doesn't. Never hurts to put your head out the door for a second before you go to work.

Really, though. The yappers are fond of proclaiming that they've found a good hill to die on. Since it's almost Christmas and all -- well, as Patton Claus would have put it, the least we can do is help.



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