Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teenage immigrant welfare mothers*

Isn't that just the way of things? You sit down with a big stack of journal articles and try to write something ponderous about the Middle East and the dem- ocratic peace, and here comes Fox with ... well, with the Middle East and the democratic peace, or something.

It's been a busy week already for the Trinity over at Fox. Dad had a school board meeting last night in California, and apparently it went kind of late. But since Berkley's right down the road (just past another monument to American political discourse), this one seemed to be worth a note, even though it's a heavy news day out there.

Yeah, He might be on the ballot, but unless He brought a photo ID, the feta-eatin' Prince of Surrender Monkeys isn't going to be getting into any voting booths around here.

* ... on drugs! Thank you, Austin Lounge Lizards.


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