Sunday, May 14, 2006

Parade of headline silliness

Preliminary thoughts on the morning papers. Funny, both seem to be discussions we've had before:

1) Why do we avoid reaching for the first cliche in the Big Bag of Heds? As in this tennis tale on 1B Sunday?
Bruins serve up district win
How about: Because somebody probably reached into the same bag for a tennis story a week or so ago!
Bruins serve up Kewpies (1B May 3)
Moral: RTFP. And if you think your favorite cliche is new, it ain't.

2) Insurgents bomb holy Shiite shrine
Didn't this one come up last month? Whether we like it or not (and we probably ought to be welcoming readers anywhere we can find them), we have a certain proportion of Beaves and Buttheads among the readership -- enough, certainly, to make "Holy Shiite" a construction that we ought to avoid. We could have skipped the entire discussion, of course, if the hed writer had remembered that shrines are pretty much "holy" by definition and spent the space on something less redundant.

While we're at it, it's time to rethink the "WAR & TERROR DIGEST" flag under which this yarn appears. Let's make sure now that readers can keep the two concepts separate in case it, erm, becomes necessary on short notice in the near future.


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