Monday, November 14, 2005

This week's entry in ...

For those just starting to build your collections of real-life illustrations of editing gaffes, here's a textbook example of If You Don't Want To See It In Print, Don't Put It On The Screen. It's a Web-only specimen, but the principle is the same:

Newspaper Apologizes For Offensive Caption On Its Web Site

Associated Press
Published November 11 2005, 5:18 PM EST
DANBURY, Conn. -- The News-Times has apologized and fired a copy editor who put an offensive caption on its Web page under a photo of a girls' high school soccer team


Anonymous Strayhorn said...

I saw this over the weekend and sent you a note but, alas, my dialup connex for some reason refused to relay my email. That's what I get for going to the coast.

Desk Club Meets!

8:53 AM, November 15, 2005  

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