Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Heavy lifting

Cue the clock radio, brush off the Berra-isms, it must be playoff time in a major southeastern city badly in need of the sort of lift that only sports can provide!

If you can tell which 1A hed goes with Monday's game and which comes from last year, you're off to a good start. (Today's front is at left; June 8, 2012, is at right.) Ready for a real test? Here are some excerpts from the two columns. Identify each by the year it ran:

That was the Heat, all night. Rising. And lifting a city with it.

All knew how big this game was. The rectangle of the court couldn’t hold it. The stakes were far greater.

Well, the cream rose. And with it, the dream.

“This is why this team was put together,” said coach Erik Spoelstra. “For moments like this.”

And this was the night and the place that this team and this player would rise above it all or be crushed.

“We’re a no-excuse team,” Spoelstra likes to say. None asked. None abided.

This thrill ride the Heat is taking us on isn’t over, and it isn’t because so much went right for the Heat, all over the court.

That was the Heat, all night. Rising. And lifting a city with it.

A season lives, because one man made it so.

Check your results here and here. And rimrats? If you find yourself writing the same headline every June, you might want to ask whether it's a good idea to run the same column every June.

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