Sunday, March 16, 2008

Banned words: Equinox edition

As mentioned a while back, the general philosophy around here is that it's best not to lose too much sleep banning new words and usages. Don't get us wrong; there are lots of them we cordially dislike, and if you want help in ridding yourself of verbs like "impact" and "reference," we're here for you. (I'm starting to get exercised about "do-over," myself.) But we won't exile you for using the damn things. Just try not to do it in front of the kitties.

There are, of course, exceptions. These words are banned without exception in heds and other display type for the remainder of the college basketball season:

Dance (all forms and aspects)
Let the [X] begin

Penalty for first offense, dinner with Dick Vitale. Meaning the two of you are bound together back to back and fed to orcs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe being fed to orcs would be preferable to listening to him ramble endlessly about Duke.

1:02 AM, March 17, 2008  
Blogger Stephen Larrick said...

I just wanted to leave a general comment thanking you for the effort you put into this blog. Often I catch myself laughing while reading your posts. I'm sure you'd make one helluva professor.
Sometimes, I'll take a sentence from a post and use it as an e-mail signature. I'll always attribute them to Fev. Does Fev work or should I be using something else?
Again, thanks for sharing your insights.

2:37 AM, March 17, 2008  
Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

But "Round of Eight" and "Round of Sixteen" are so long and booorrring!

5:49 AM, March 17, 2008  
Blogger fev said...

Come thee not between the Nazgul and his peeves!

Yes, tnx, the initials are fine for attribution. I usually just lowercase the damn things. My only standing policy on names (Greg might have heard this one) is that you need to use the spelling in the 4th New World if you employ a nasty one here.

12:00 AM, March 18, 2008  

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