Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lede of the (aging) month

There's just ... no peak left for journalism to conquer after this, is there?

Sneed hears Stacy Peterson told a clergyman in August that her husband had claimed to have killed his former wife Kathleen Savio and made it look like an accident.
It's not just the three-layer attribution! It's not just the preposed third-person reference to the author by last name! It's the synergy!

A source close to the investigation tells Sneed the 23-year-old, who had been pregnant and living with Peterson when Savio was found dead in an empty bathtub in 2004, also told two other people close to her about her husband's statements regarding Savio's demise.

We don't really need to know who the husband is, after all. If Drew, Stacy and Kathleen are all hed names by now, it'd be picky to put on the brakes just when we're reaching full Sneed.

... Peterson has been declared a suspect in Stacy's disappearance. The case has been labeled a "potential homicide" and appears to be moving swiftly toward a homicide investigation.

"All we need now is the body," the source said.

Sneed knows all! Sneed sees all! But surely Sneed wouldn't ... make us rely on a one-source story, would Sneed?

Police are discussing salvage operations with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in hopes they will bring in heavy equipment to dredge the area. "The police have already put down underwater cameras, which show it's cluttered with cars and truck trailers . . . and it needs to be cleared for divers," a source said.

Guess not.

The source offered this timeline for the day Stacy issued her ultimatum:

Good thing we don't have to figure out which source.

Yeah, yeah. The world of real journalism is tabloidizing as fast as it can. Nice to have a reminder sometimes of how far ahead the real tabloid pros are.


Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

At least Sneed isn't relying on Sylvia!

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