Saturday, March 17, 2018

Oh my what?

Common cold cured, Fractious Near East at peace -- OK, we can see why the 1A centerpiece* is about somebody selling a house.** But that still can't justify the Forbidden Hed over the photo. Kids, if you must -- and you mustn't -- use a hed of the form "[noun] [noun] and [noun], oh my," at least make sure it scans.

One more thing? If this is indeed the case:

You could count the statuary five times and get a different result each time — 60 statues? 70? 80? The garage is like an auto museum.

 ... two possibilities come to mind:

1) You didn't do very well in school, or
2) Don't blink. DON'T EVEN BLINK.

* Well, to be fair, the Andrew McCabe thingy is the top brief on 6A.
** This line could be what put it over the top: "Photos of the home made the rounds on Facebook the last couple of days"

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