Friday, September 08, 2017

War on-editing

How did Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper "mischaracterize" PBS? As a private television network? A tool of the neoliberal conspiracy? A public parking space?
 Any traces left in the story?

The makeover represents the grand prize in PBS’ inaugural “Teach Boldly” program and sweepstakes.

We can't see where the "editing error" might be, or otherwise figure out who might have changed "public television" to "public radio" in a story that rather distinctly mentions the local affiliate: "WOSU-TV (Channel 34)." But we do, I think, learn something about the War on Editing in the age of hubbing. Somehow, the memo about telling radio from TV didn't get to the GateHouse hub -- but the memo about the Dispatch's obsessive-hyphenation disorder apparently did.

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