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The black guy's about to not play golf again!

You really do wonder if the Times has a policy of letting the print edition look all mature -- if incomprehensibly boring, headline-wise -- while saving the cask-strength stuff for online readers:
That explains why Trump is in the 1A print headline but doesn't appear anywhere in the frontpage text -- this is a story about an "Obama snub." Of what, you ask?

Of all the perks of the presidency that Barack Obama will miss as he leaves the White House, it’s a good bet that Camp David won’t rank high on the list.

Compared with his predecessors, President Obama has spent little downtime over the past eight years at the secluded presidential retreat in the mountains overlooking Thurmont, Maryland. In total, Mr. Obama has visited Camp David 39 times, spanning all or parts of 93 days — barely 3 percent of his two-term tenure.

By contrast, President George W. Bush made 149 visits to Camp David in two terms, covering all or parts of 487 days, said Mark Knoller, the CBS News White House reporter who keeps meticulous records of presidential comings and goings.

In other words, this is more or less the same story that the same reporter wrote in May 2014:

President Obama differs from his predecessor on more than just policy.

Compared with President George W. Bush, Mr. Obama has rarely visited Camp David, the sprawling, secluded retreat in northern Maryland that has become a regular getaway spot for presidents over the past 70 years.

Although Mr. Obama hasn’t shunned the location entirely — he spent his 52nd birthday there last year — veteran Washington reporters and pundits say it’s clear that the 44th president hasn’t warmed up to Camp David in the same way as did Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Mr. Bush.

So how does a Kenyan snub become a front-worthy story again at the far end of 2016? By adding a Presidential Historian!

Presidential historian and author Doug Wead said he believes President-elect Donald Trump and his family — including four grown children and 10-year-old Barron, eight grandchildren and three Trump siblings — will spend more time at Camp David than the Obamas despite owning expensive homes in New York City and in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Wead called Camp David “a perfect match for the Trumps.”

Weird, though, using a historian because of his ability to guess about the future:

... Mr. Wead predicted that the Trumps will come to appreciate Camp David’s relatively hassle-free security. Around Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, he said, “the security’s a mess.”

“It’s not that they’re worried about security; it’s the imposition that it causes so many others,” said Mr. Wead, who worked as a special assistant to President George H.W. Bush. “The New York thing is going to get old. If it’s a big, sprawling family, like the Carters, with grown children who have families of their own, it’s perfect. And you don’t have the [security] mess.”

... especially if the historian thinks the Carters had "grown children who have families of their own" while they were in the White House. But let's get back to the Times and its habit of shooting at noncombatants:

... But Mr. Obama prefers to relax on an 18-hole golf course, which Camp David lacks. It also has been suggested that the Obamas’ daughters, Malia and Sasha, who were relatively young when they entered the White House, have preferred to spend time with friends in Washington rather than decamping to the Maryland woods.

Sound familiar? Here's the 2014 story:

“I suspect part of the reason is because his daughters would prefer to be in the city, prefer to be at the White House,” said Ken Walsh, chief White House correspondent for U.S. News & World Report and author of the book “From Mount Vernon to Crawford: A History of the Presidents and Their Retreats.”

“I’ve been told that as an urban man, a guy from Chicago, he doesn’t take to Camp David and its rural setting as much as other presidents have. That’s another part of it,” he said.

The White House didn’t respond to a request for comment on the president’s opinion of the retreat. Other political reporters have theorized that Mr. Obama isn’t fond of Camp David because it doesn’t have a full golf course, and the president prefers to spend weekends on the links.

But another deft little twist from the 2016 version is worth a note:

Among Camp David’s many amenities is skeet shooting, which Mr. Obama managed to turn into a minor controversy in 2013 as he was pushing Congress to impose universal background checks on gun purchases. He told an interviewer that he shot skeet “all the time” at Camp David and said he has “profound respect” for hunting traditions.

Critics weren’t buying it, so the White House released a photograph of Mr. Obama skeet shooting at Camp David. His right hand was gripping the barrel relatively far forward in what looked to some gun enthusiasts like an awkward pose.

Pro tip for you junior-league players: If you want to tell an effective lie, be sure to look at the pictures first. Obama wasn't "gripping the barrel." He was gripping the front stock. There's a difference. You might further infer that even the feckless Kenyan usurper didn't manage to turn skeet shooting into "a minor controversy" by himself. That's a fabrication of, well, the sort of droolers who decided to recycle their own tank-town race-baiting from two years earlier.

Why, you might ask, does an awe-inspiring fishwrap like the Washington Times close out 2016 with this sort of tale? Let's see if the commenters can explain:

Of course the Golfer in Chief needed to have a golf course - for the $90,000,000.00 he wasted flying all over the place to play golf they could have built one for him.

If Hillary had won she would have turned it into a Motel 6 with Bill at the front desk. Bill would not have left the light on though.

Forget about Camp David, the white house is gonna have to be fumigated after all the farts coming from Mrs O's big black behind.

The facilities will have to be cleaned and fumigated. I'm quite sure there will be wing bones laying about.

obama preferred to take multi-million dollar vacations on "we the taxpayers." He has spent more taxpayer money on vacations than any other president...nearly $100 million. Can't wait till that family leaves.

"Mr. Obama has visited Camp David 39 times, spanning all or parts of 93 days — barely 3 percent of his two-term tenure." This means it will cost the taxpayers less to fumigate Camp David than the WH.

Obumble's "downtime" was flying to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard at taxpayer expen$e.

Of course Obama rarely visitec Camp David.. It was too close to Washington and he wouldn't have been able to leave taxpayers with $85 million over 8 years in travel expenses

I'm surprised Obama didn't move the Gitmo prisoners there.

No time for Camp David retreat, too busy destroying America. Thank God that it's almost over. I'll bet he still has a couple more surprises before 1/20/2017

Going to Camp David was too easy and did not cost the taxpayers enough money for Obama... He had to spend Millions and Millions on his vacations...because HE is obama

The sole reason why Odumbo doesn't like Camp David is because it doesn't cost the tax payers 2.5 million dollars every time he goes there.

Maybe is was the name. If it was called Camp Mullah, Team obama would feel more at home.

OH please. You grew up black and in Hawaii and now your the top dog, going to hawaii is his way of waving his finger as those who may have held him back. He was also telling all americans who were white to shove it, I'm in charge, black and can do whatever I dam well choose. Screw you.

Hey this is another example of O showing his true color and I say a real hatred of white people, unless they vote for him of course. Camp David is a white presidents retreat. His dissing this is just acknowledging without words, that he has his own retreat and it aint whiteys.

Did you ever see such childish conduct from a President? Pitiful!. We must be the laughing stock of the world for ever electing such a weirdo for president. It sure is embarrassing to those of us that had nothing to do with his election.

A snub by Oblunder. I very much doubt that being ignored by TRASH will cause the new President to lose any sleep. It sure would not cause me any grief, in fact I would consider it to be a compliment.

Now we will have a President with respect for the nation's traditions and her pocketbook!

Trump better call in The Merry Maids and have the place sanitized.

Obama of course, opted for anywhere the taxpayer was on the hook for $millions that weren't covered by the $10 million fixed expense that Camp David costs. Just another way to stick it to the taxpayers and the nation- what's new?

Obama: Wonder how the black people are doing in our hometown of Chicago?

Camp David may have reminded him of his roots. Boy what a hypocrite.

Osama is a petty petulant incompetent moron. He is really showing his colors in these last few weeks.

We need to fumigate everything after these 2 illegitimate terms..

f I had to guess why the prezidini disses Camp David, I would say that his going there probably doesn't cost the taxpayers enough as compared to Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii. Mr. O likes to inflict as much damage to this country as possible,

You people who complain about Obama taking a lot of time off and being gone on vacation need to remember that when he was on vacation, he couldn't wreck another piece of the country. Too bad he didn't just focus on his golf game only the last 8 years.

Why go to Camp David when you can play Golf with Tiger Woods at tax payers expense? But who wants to make a bet Obama will trash it before he leaves? Just so Trump will have to clean up that mess as well

The Obama's are the city and suburb type people, not so much for American traditions like Camp David.

There are two reasons Obama didn't use Camp David: The first is that it has no golf course. The second and more important reason was that he was always somewhere else in the world on vacation.

Both Bushs and Reagan used to stay in DC or Camp David for Christmas so that staff members, Secret Service and the press did not have to be away from their families at Christmas. Not so for Obama who has dragged his entourage to Hawaii eight straight times! One hopes that Trump will follow in the Reagan and Bush mode.

the FDR, Kennedy, Eisenhower mode...... Not the Obama mode. I'm surprised Obama didn't try to get Camp David closed down because it doesn't have a golf course.

Yeah, Camp David is a dump compared to a taxpayer funded, all inclusive, anywhere for his family, mom, and the weird Jarret.

Trump should also ask the UK to return the sculpture of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.. the same piece that Obama gave back to the UK because HE hates Churchill.

Do you figure the comments are a coincidence?

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