Thursday, December 22, 2016


How did "snub" become the Headline Word of the Day among the thin-skinned denizens of Planet Fox? Let's see!

Getting singers for Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th is turning out to be harder than it was to fill his Cabinet.

The only confirmed talent so far are 16-year-old "America’s Got Talent" 2010 runner-up Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the Rockettes.

Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway insisted to ABC News there will be more singers, but refused to name them. Many performers -- some who have been asked, others who have not -- have already taken a pass. 

Considering that Sir Elton's views on the topic were known a month ago, it's hard to see a lot of news value in this revelation. Maybe the commenters will help shed some light:

Just play videos of liberal melt downs I could watch that all night.

Of course he can't find an entertainer because most of them are liberals that suck anyway. Hollywood sucks the big one.

We need to get people to be responsible in the inner cities and we need to end gangs and welfare babies.   At this point since no one wants top cooperate, it may mean a few hundred thousand will starve.   hopefully other countries will take them in.

This is a nothing story.  There is plenty of bands or top end talent that back GOP people. Right now, the Media is trying to promote the idea that Hollywood can snub Trump on his big day.  In the end, it will be proven false and this story being what it is. Crap space filler.

I LOVE watching liberals throw tantrums and host pity parties! I LOVE seeing the river of crocodile tears streaming down their cheeks! I LOVE the look of PRETEND DISPARE AND FALSE INDIGNATION because their CROOKED candidate LOST the election! I LOVE their DESPERATE attempts to change the results of the election by intimidating Electors! But MOST OF ALL, I LOVE THE FACT THEY LOST AND Donald Trump IS PRESIDENT!!!

Progs, Hollywood, the entertainment industry and the MSM are about to have a teachable moment (4-8 years). This will be fun. They'll have to recalibrate their approach.

The Main Stream Media also said there was no way Trump could win this election.  This is just more MSM fake news. 

You don't see Obama or Hillary doing the right thing and telling the 'resistance' to back off and accept the loss. I believe they are clinging to their puppies and crack pipes.

Dem inauguration agenda: Barry - bathhouse, Hillary - walk in woods, Bill - defile juveniles, Huma - hunt for Hillary in woods, Harry - get punched by gay lover, Nancy - Botox, Joe - sing to applesauce, Maddow - hunt for Huma and Hillary in woods, Behar - embrace Whoopie, Deniro - practice being tough in mirror

WHO cares???  Watching President Trump sign Executive Orders ABOLISHING obama's legacy would be WAY MORE entertaining than watching/listening to liberal P0S performers. 



Blogger Peter Spearing said...

The most offensive thing to me is the level of sheer hate. There's a lot of racism in the attacks on Obama, but hate of liberals was well established before Obama had been heard of outside Chicago. When compromise and honest negotiation are impossible there is no civilized way of settling differences.

7:35 AM, December 24, 2016  

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