Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today in cognitive dissonance

Nothing "premature" about it, judging by noted international-relations scholar Charles Krauthammer's analysis at the very same network:

Retaking Ramadi won’t “tip the balance,” but the victory nonetheless plays an important role in ISIS’s eventual defeat, Charles Krauthammer argued tonight.
“In a war like this, it’s all about psychology,” Krauthammer said on Monday’s Special Report. “It’s what Osama bin Laden talked about, who is the strong horse? Who is the weak horse?”

Astute readers might note that nothing in the AP story referred to above suggests that the party is a little premature (perhaps the foxnews.com hed writers were thinking of this commentary, or this amusing confusion of correlation and cause). They might wonder why comments aren't enabled on this, of all stories. And they would certainly applaud a wary skepticism toward official claims that the light at the end of the tunnel has been sighted. Or maybe they're just trying to figure out how to say "Mission Accomplished" in Arabic.

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