Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today in Kenyan perfidy

Fair 'n' Balanced network a bit tame for you these days? Have some of the good stuff! Truth Revolt is channeling ... could it be Warner Todd Huston at Publius' Forum?

Obama has decided that newly naturalized Americans will no longer have to pledge to defend the USA against enemies. So, he’s taken out the part of the pledge requiring new citizens to bear arms on behalf of the United States or perform noncombatant duties in the armed forces in times of war.

... Notice what is at the end of that oath? Will Obama next move to end the “so help me God” part of the oath? You can bet on it.

But that is nothing compared to the fact that Obama is now giving succor to enemies of the USA by allowing pretenders to come here and now won’t even have to mouth the words that they will come to the defense of the USA.

I guess Obama felt that the millions of Muslims he’s importing into the country would feel uncomfortable pledging that they would defend the USA?

Rest easy, kids!



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