Monday, July 13, 2015

Thanks, liberal media!

Given the morning paper's avowed intent to "correct all errors of fact," I'm looking forward to how the Tuesday edition addresses this, hem, interesting claim about the state of things in the Fractious Near East.

Needless to say, we're in no position to prove the negative here. I can no more "prove" that Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons than I can "prove" that the Free Press doesn't import large amounts of cocaine for the orgies at which it sacrifices innocent young interns to the unquiet ghost of Father Coughlin. I do think it's in order to suggest if the Freep is ready to demonstrate that Iran has nuclear arms, the story ought to be a little higher on the front -- and, conversely, that if it isn't, it should probably stop pretending to cover the world outside the tri-county area until it can distinguish nuclear research from nuclear weapons at better than chance levels. If we can't make people smarter about the world outside, at least we can avoid deliberately making them stupider.

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