Saturday, March 14, 2015

Every time it ... no, don't

High on the list of stuff you shouldn't do to your readers:

Life and love can turn on a dime.

That is especially true if the dimes are being sent as a message of encouragement from a deceased loved one.

Erm, stop press.

... “When the absence is there, you miss what you don’t have anymore, and you realize how much of an impact a person has had on your life.”

That maternal influence has been turning up on a dime, as many as 100 of them that Source A has found in all sorts of places since 2010.

That year, she met with a Mi’kmaq psychic who told her that her mother was no longer in any pain and that she would be leaving dimes for A to find as she watched over her. The psychic suggested A keep them in a large antique mason jar.

Since then, the dimes have been showing up in places and at times when they are least expected.

A found her first dime while cleaning up the family cottage. ...

“I’m, like, ahh, maybe, maybe not. For a while, you’re still skeptical, because it’s hardly a thunderbolt from heaven when you find a dime. But the fact that it was just dimes and always just one dime.”

Who wants to take a whack at writing the next graf?

And A is not alone.

... A friend who had previously lost a son in an auto crash told Source B at the funeral that she would be finding all kinds of dimes.

“That was the first I had heard of it,” B said. “After the funeral, C was playing around with my shoes on and I was packing stuff up, and there, in the bottom of the shoe I had on at the funeral, was a dime.”

... B said she has no doubt that the dimes are being left by her daughter to tell her that she has arrived happily in heaven and to provide her mother a much-needed boost to carry on with life.

Don't do this to readers who don't find Dimes from Beyond. And please don't do it to readers who do.

Thanks to regular reader and commenter Tybalt for the share.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I blush for my local paper. (I'm currently out of town (and not likely to get back on schedule, given the current weather), so I missed this one, but I guessed it was them based on the one big geographic clue in the bits you quoted, and confirmed it with Google.)

11:22 PM, March 14, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess it's a manifestation of inflation that we get dimes instead of "Pennies from Heaven." Emil

8:30 AM, March 16, 2015  

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