Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today in elongated nummy fruit

How many Popular Orange Vegetables can we pack into the first few grafs of the annual paczki story?
  • The popular treats
  • The nummy waistline-busters
  • Sweet, sweet tasty goodness
  • A delicious, sugar-dusted pastry
All this and a case of greengrocer apostrophe: "First thing's first." (Things get worse in the online edition: She says she's up to six so far, "but just like the calories; whose counting?")

Now: Is it true that the pluralized "paczkis" isn't a real word? That's an interesting case of where to put the prescriptive foot down. "Paczki" acts like a singular in the lede -- the ad doesn't say "Now comes Millers time," after all, and the bit before dinner isn't cocktails hour. Nor does the Freep seem to have a problem with "bedouins," which is also formed by putting an "s" on a plural noun, and elsewhere, plural "paczkis" is fairly widespread. Best suggestion? Write your own rule and try to stick to it.

But, please -- no "nummy," ever, under any circumstances.

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