Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today in visual journalism

A: The number of times Eric Holder is mentioned in this morning's top story at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network.

Q: What is "exactly once, in the eighth paragraph," Alex?

Cole suggested attorneys in the Justice Department are on board, though separate efforts to curb mandatory minimum sentencing have drawn complaints from the rank and file.

The National Association of Assistant Untied States Attorneys wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder in January arguing that the current sentencing system is "worth preserving" -- and that mandatory minimums give prosecutors "leverage to secure cooperation from defendants."

Suggesting not only that you should lock up your daughters and buy more freeze-dried food, but that image-wise, Eric Holder has joined the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Fox pandaemonium: the story's about him, whether it bothers to bring him up or not. You can speculate as you will about the reasons for that; for some unknown reason or another, comments are closed on the story. Conveniently, they're still open at The Fox Nation:

wonder if the next president will issue pardons to Barry & Eric?   Hope not...

This would appear to apply only to federal sentencing but it is only a matter of time until he tries to force it on states. We can now wait and watch for crime stats to start climbing .

So I guess he's setting it up so he will only have to spend 10 years in prison after we convict him?.... if he has a falling out with Barry, & he doesn't pardon him ?

more get out the vote and more obamacare sign ups

Obama's personal indebted well armed militia.

Thugroe Eric looking out for his thugroe cousins

And while we're on the topic of visual journalism -- given the (ahem) sensitivity of the Fair 'n' Balanced camp toward the profanation of iconic photos, is anybody else struck by Drudge's choice of a running image for today's NATO-Russia developments?

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