Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The more biggerest loser

OK, just a couple of questions:

1) Which of these two Carnegie Research 1 universities plays in the same town in which the Freep is published?*
2) OK, and how many players from that university are mentioned in the Freep's game story today?

The answer is kind of "none," which does sort of raise the musical question: Are you guys covering basketball, or are you just waiting for a sports PR job in Ann Arbor? Because there's always room in sports PR for people who can get right to the most biggest question (especially if they can also tell "smooth" from "smoothly" and understand why Wolverines gets a "them" while U-M is an "it," but that's just copyediting).

I acknowledge it's a bit of a trend in the preseason: write about the famous teams, not the victims. But when the victims are, you know, sort of like the home team, do you suppose you could see your way clear to pretending a game had gone on?**

* Hint: It's the one with a gym I can see from my office.
** Or do we have to bring up Appalachian State again?


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