Saturday, October 26, 2013

Manly girls, girly men, made-up stories

Having watched the lie get halfway around the world, shall we see what happens when the truth puts on its pantsdress cover?

Things got worse for America, of course, before they got better. Here's the follow-up from the Friday predawn hours:

A retired female gunnery sergeant has blasted the Obama Administration’s plan to create a "unisex" look for the Marine Corps by swapping out the Marines' iconic hats with a new hat that some have derided as "girly" ...

Ready for the punch line?

... telling Megyn Kelly Thursday that the uniform change is appalling, and risks masculinizing female soldiers.

Oops. You mean the Kenyan usurper isn't making the men look all girly, he's ...

“I really do think that this is about masculinizing the women. We have had standards changed left and right with this administration," she said.

Glad we cleared that up. Because next in line comes the command to secure from general quarters:

The Marine Corps has canceled plans for a unisex cap for male and female dress uniforms, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Why this and the original story are filed under "politics," while the rant about "masculinizing" is an "armed forces" story, is for higher minds and stronger stomachs. Maybe the WSJ itself can finally shed some light on the plot:

Changing the hat design has been a decade-long process of military boards, field trials and prototypes. A Marine spokesman said the impetus for a potential unisex design was simple: “the manufacturer of the female cover is going out of business…a lot of uniform items aren’t cost effective to make,” he said.

In 2002, the Female Uniform Symposium decided the current women’s cap needed redesign because it was expensive and many complained it was not as spiffy as the male version.

In 2007, Marine officials approved a new, improved female cap and in 2012, as it neared implementation, the Commandant of the Marine Corps jumped in, delaying procurement of new caps and ordering experts to explore the idea of a “universal” cap to be worn by both sexes.

Let's see if we have this straight here. Apparently the Kenyan stole a time machine, traveled back to 2002, beat noted fashionista George W. Bush over the head with free-market principles for the next five years, and then stood by and watched as the commandant himself stepped in to order the unisex cap that brought the Corps to the brink of girliness? Alinsky would be proud.

And thus does another demi-fiction at Fox fade into obscurity. We actually have a theory about that, too. People don't remember the peripheral stuff about what they read: where they got it, what context they got it in, whether it turned out to be complete bullshit on a few seconds' reflection. They do remember the core of it (Obama's gay-marrying the Marines!!!!), especially when it makes sense of something else important. So in that sense, it doesn't really matter how fast the truth gets its pants on. It isn't going to make much of an impression.



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