Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That's kind of why it's "news"

We haven't checked in on the dominant local fishwrap's "it's official" tally since -- why, since the same reporter wrote about the same radio personality back in May. Let's see what the staff has been up to since then:

It’s official: As promised, Alex Rodriguez has appealed the 211-game suspension that was to have started today. (Aug. 8)

It's official: Spartans hire Curtis Blackwell to oversee recruiting (Aug. 2)

It's official: Oakland University is a member of Horizon League (July 2)

It’s official: Kid Rock will step on stage Aug. 20 and propel himself into Detroit’s record books. (June 19)

It's official: M. Roy Wilson new president of Wayne State University
(June 5)

What, you have to wonder, could be the appeal at this point of "it's official"? Will someone please just stop?

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