Thursday, August 15, 2013

Noun pile of the week

If you've been staying in practice with your British noun piles, this one shouldn't be a problem, but just in case, here's the BBC:

A Canadian oil-change shop employee has been fired after police saw his tweet apparently seeking a marijuana delivery - and replied.

The Twitter user asked on the social network whether a dealer could bring drugs to his Toronto-area shop, as he needed "a spliff or two" to finish his shift.

York police retweeted the request and declared: "Awesome! Can we come too?"

As international neighbors go, yes: Canada's pretty cool.

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Anonymous Craig said...

How many more words would it have taken to write it normally?

9:39 AM, August 15, 2013  
Anonymous Ed Latham said...

I reckon in this case two – "who wrote". CANADIAN WHO WROTE 'SEND DRUGS' TWEET FIRED.

4:19 PM, August 15, 2013  

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