Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How not to introduce a paywall

Just thinking out loud here, but -- do you suppose, if it's the day you unveil the paywall that's supposed to keep the unwashed at bay, you might want to make extra-sure the content that reaches the homepage is worth paying for? Rather than, for example:

... Professional astrologer, Steve Nelson,* author of “The New World Cycle of Celebrations,” says that no traditional Mayan prophecies or present day Mayan elders predict calamity for the end of this calendar cycle.

Instead, what he says is predicted is a global shift in awareness, a transformation of consciousness such that the world may actually end as we know it on the psychic level.

Do tell!

Nelson, 65, who refers to himself as a cycles counselor, says that several cultural and mystical traditions converge in this time all portending the beginning of a new age. However, we must work to clear through the darkness that precedes this anticipated new era.

Well, that's a relief. Surely there's an important local angle?

... Nelson believes Charlotte is designed to play a special role in this new time. He says Charlotte’s founder, Thomas Polk, laid out the city in a 360-acre square that is the core of the “City of Revelation” as described in the book of Revelation.

And it wouldn't be service journalism if you didn't empower the readers a little, right?

... The best way to hook up with the heart of the cosmos during this time, Nelson says, is go to a natural, geographical power spot at Winter Solstice Dec. 21-24. Local spots include the Grande Disc at the corner of Trade and Tryon (which is the exact center of Charlotte), the giant Indian Rock in The Ballantyne area and the energy vortex at Sacred Grove Retreat in Gold Hill. Once there, do clockwise turns, following the path of the sun to open to the new light.

When the first answer to a question hed is "no, but thanks for asking," that should generally be a sign unto you. In this case, conveniently, it might keep your readers from continuing to the point where they find that you expect them to do clockwise turns so's you can all open to the new light.

d more here:

* Cry, the beloved comma.

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Blogger Strayhorn said...

Well, there's also the N&O, whose online front story about the paywall didn't include a link to the info. And after I found the info, it was confusing to say the least. Ah well, I'll wait until they straighten it out. Right now it appears that you have to buy a regular sub, then pay for online access additionally. That may have been edited since yesterday, but I haven't been motivated to check.

Darned old lib-rul media.

4:49 PM, December 20, 2012  

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