Sunday, October 21, 2012

Correcting the corrections

And how are things off the tourist track in Europe, Nation's Newspaper of Record?

An article last Sunday about places in Europe off the tourist track misspelled the name of the site of a bomber factory in Regensburg, Germany. It is Messerschmitt, not Messerschmidt.

Good catch, as far as it goes. If you'd looked in your own files, though, you might have concluded that the "bomber factory" in question made fighters. If in doubt, which you won't be if you spend a little time looking things up, you could always zoom out and call it an "aircraft factory," which would be correct either way.

Stories that mistake bomber pilots for fighter pilots are thick on the ground,* but I don't recall seeing the reverse too often. And another useful distinction spirals further down the drain.

In an unrelated development, though -- check out the state of 1A design in August 1943. (The hed at top is the second of the banks under the three-line streamer.) Now that's a story count.

* By no means a failing unique to the librul media; a National Review writer today describes George McGovern as "a fighter pilot in World War II." McGovern flew heavy bombers. 

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