Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wait til you see those bats

Some ledes are so awe-inspiring that all you can do is, oh, sit around and think of ways to repunctuate them. Or read them in the voices of various actors in great roles -- say, Martin Sheen in "Apocalypse Now":

Jesus Christ. The auto show.

You can enjoy the whole thing yourself, and I don't think we'd be spoiling dinner to skip to the conclusion:

And because I went straight from the DIA to Cobo, I couldn't help asking myself, "What would Jesus drive?"

I don't know. But I bet it'd have a chalice holder.

He could have carried that one a little farther, you think?

You know, Abbott, those biblical cars sure have funny names these days.

Tell me a couple, so when I get to the auto show, I know who is driving what.

Well, Jesus drives a Saturn. And Mary drives a Mercury.

Yeah? What does Pontius Pilate drive?


They'll be here all week, folks. Don't forget your server!

* Punch line courtesy of operative "Natasha."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is like the prose version of Andrew Wheeler's "Any Two Things Make a Cartoon".

10:25 PM, January 15, 2012  
Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

John Bloom used to say Jesus would walk. After all, he never owned a horse or a cart, right?

Anyway, the disciples were in one Accord, so ...

6:46 PM, January 17, 2012  

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