Saturday, October 08, 2011

Uncle Charley and his head Teddy

Reader contribution time! Thanks to Brian for this one:

Uncle Charley’s head, two others
confirmed dead in plane crash
Charles Armitage, Jr., the president of Uncle Charley’s Sausage Co. in Vandergrift, Pa., is among three confirmed deaths in a plane crash in West Virginia, according to media reports Friday.

And a nice bit of hyphenless ambiguity from Robert:

Charges dismissed for baby rat eater
Clarified in the lede:
A Utah judge dismissed an animal cruelty charge against a man depicted eating a baby rat in a video posted to YouTube.

... but for best results, hang on until the last graf:

Prosecutors argued the rat was a domesticated animal and "eating a live, baby rat on a dare is not an accepted husbandry practice."

Heds always welcome.



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