Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ground control to Maj. Alinsky

It's time for another visit to The Fox Nation, that happy outpost where Fox readers can go when the mothership is bending over a little too far backward to accommodate the scary Kenyan Muslim socialist in the White House. Headlines mandatory; facts optional.

Hed writing, as you've probably gathered by now, is a pretty patterned sport. There are rules about how things are named, which verbs can be elided, whether corners can be cut, and where in the article the headline should come from. If you're new to the game, the answer to the last one is "really, really high." Here's the text:

In early November, NASA will seek applicants for its next class of astronaut candidates, hoping to bolster its reserves of brave spacemen -- in the face of a National Research Council report that warned the corps was getting too small.

Fox Nation cut the lede of the original FoxNews tale -- "What do YOU want to be when you grow up?" -- but kept the charming "brave spacemen," even though we've had Gals in Space for nearly five decades now.* There's a reason for that. Fox World is a happier place when we can just put that pesky inclusive-language stuff aside and talk like men. Ever wondered why Fox goes to the trouble of turning "Quran" and "Muhammad" in AP stories back to "Koran" and "Mohammed," which the AP abandoned a decade ago? Same reason. Darn girls. Darn foreigners. Bad enough we have to let 'em into our stories in the first place.

Anyway! Wondering why there's been no mention of forced Russian training yet? It doesn't show up until the 10th graf of the Fox story (these two are the last ones shown at Fox Nation):

Beyond the extra-vehicular activity, robotics, and flight training, Russian language training is a part of today's astronaut training.

"English is the agreed-to language in space," Ross told, but due to the close collaboration with the Russian space agency, it's helpful for American spacemen to speak Russian.

How did we get from "training" and "helpful" to "required to speak Russian"? In about the same way the news migrated from the 10th graf to the hed! Does "required to speak Russian" mean some terrifying fluency level that has to be reached before you enter training, or a few days of classes in which you learn "yes," "no" and "which one is the bathroom?" Who cares? The real point is "Obamanauts," which makes sense if you're primed to process all this information in light of Obama's plot to turn NASA into a Muslim outreach program last year. Let's see what the audience has to say:

Why bother....the space station will probably fall to earth now that there are no shuttles missions to take supplies to them.   does this make the mu....s...lims feel good about themselves obama?

Preparing for a Russian takeover of our space program - or the Chinese???

Took Ragan and other presidents years to get the USSR down . Only took Obama 2 1/2 years in front of Putin

I thought our Astronauts were discontinued,  and NASA is relegated to Climate Gate, so they can lie to us in Russian

The next Worlds language

What's Next Mexican, N0 Wait M00slim?

thanks barry.... more of YOUR hope and change!

Next he will want us all to speak Arabic.

More Obooba subservience.

How incredibly shameful The United States is now a space hitchhiker.It took 50 years for the Russians to beat us in space and it is not because we can't do better it is because we quit trying. because of liberals in government, SAD SAD

I figured they would need to speak Arabic since Obama gave NASA a new mission of lsIam outreach. This must be an effort to give more Muslims the opportunity to go up into space. And that's a good thing. Were it up to me, I'd send all MusIims up into space.

See? Everything that's gone wrong in your life for the last three years really is the fault of that awful colored guy and his media minions!

*Dern Russians beat us to that too.

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