Friday, August 19, 2011

Man eating tiger

Well, that had to hurt. Let's see what the AP had to say:

The mayor of Vilnius acknowledged Tuesday distributing a deliberately altered picture to The Associated Press and other news organizations intended to dramatize his anti-parking campaign, an image that then was published in newspapers around world.

The AP withdrew the photo, transmitted on Aug. 3, and notified its customers of the breech* Monday, as soon as it discovered the deception.

And the photo dramatized his anti-parking campaign how? Was he lying in the street, eyeball to eyeball with the offending car, when it went after him? Or was he ...

Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas' office sent a photo showing him riding an armored personnel carrier, from which two other people were erased.

Oh. What Vilnius has is a car-crushing mayor, not a car crushing mayor. As old Fowler put it, there's a difference between a man eating tiger and a man-eating tiger.

Important notice: Fun with hyphens aside, Regret The Error is an invaluable part of the daily news diet. Craig is doing good work over there.

*Shurely "breach"?

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