Friday, December 31, 2010

Judge Crater test-drives solar SUV

... contract with universe sets maximum summertime high temperature at 82F, and new brain transplant procedure promises to cure Teh Stupid! For surely, with all the Great Issues of the world resolved, can we make room for a little basketball.

Do not start with the "but ... but ... UK!" stuff.* There are other centers of the sporting universe, and some of them still manage to exercise a little vestigial news judgment. A basic truth remains: When you pull out the End of the World type in the preseason, you don't have a lot of headroom left if you should actually get to the championship.

By the way -- whoever wrote the "Let the ticketing begin" hed downpage? Take another lap.

* As best can be determined at this remove, here's the box from the first college basketball game Your Editor ever attended.


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