Saturday, October 16, 2010

Man overboard!

The Nevada Senate debate was a better-than-average addition to the year's stash of amusing political language, including Sharron Angle's habit of addressing her antagonist by both names -- "Harry Reid" -- in the manner of a romance novel heroine. My favorite is this lovely case of the missing Donner Party comma, as transcribed at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network:

"Man up Harry Reid," Angle exclaimed at one point, "You need to understand that we have a problem with Social Security."

Man overboard!


Blogger John Cowan said...

Maybe she wants to make sure nobody confuses him with Harry Potter. She certainly sounds like Dobby.

12:01 PM, October 16, 2010  
Anonymous Terribly Write said...

I don't think more any 1 percent of professional writers today know that there should be a comma before "Harry Reid."

9:47 PM, October 16, 2010  

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