Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If everybody had a missile ...

Something just looked ... I don't know, familiar about the most super-important story in the world this afternoon at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network. As well it should have! "Target America?" doesn't quite have the Beach Boys ring of "Target USA?"* and it's not as definite as "Target: Hawaii," but it does get the point across -- in case you're so busy running for the fallout shelter that you miss the cutline:

Defense Department report spotlights Iran's obsession with adding a long-range missile capability to its growing nuclear weapons program, fueling charges that Obama administration is not doing enough to rein in Tehran.

Well ... no. Not really. "Obsession" and "growing nuclear weapons program" are the sorts of inventions Fox gets away with because it can, but the report can't "fuel" the "charges" because the "charges" are all from the weekend or earlier (except for the genuinely deranged John Bolton, who's very good at answering his phone when Fox calls, the better to remind us how nice it is that he's a long way from the machinery of power).

Fox, true to form, never misses a chance to securitize Iran. That's their business. What you want to do when someone in power suggests that "take my habeas corpus, please!" is the right response to the particular security crisis on offer is up to you. Hey, we're here for you either way.

* Yes, we finally caught a set by the Polish Muslims** last weekend.*** Everything they were cracked up to be. Plus we apparently have yet another craft brewery in town to deal with.
** Strike strike spare spare USA!
*** Is it just me, or is a slotted-head EB3 on the unusual side? Evidently Your Editor needs to get out more.



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