Sunday, February 21, 2010

Of talking pens and crash blossoms

Yes, and I think it sat next to me all the way to Houston yesterday.

I'd copy the relevant grafs that allow the hed to make sense, but so far I'm unable to find the story anywhere but on the AJ-C front over at Poynter (where it won't last past the day). Long story short, the spy pen belongs to the retiring manager of the World's Busiest Airport,* and officials from Delta Airlines found it on a table after some negotiations about the airport had concluded.

How it got there might be interesting, but it'd be a lot more accessible if the hed wasn't so much fun.

* Please tell me you guys don't have a stylebook mandate for this or anything.



Anonymous Ed Latham said...

Although, to be fair, that's a pretty tough count. 'Delta staff find spy pen' maybe? But you still stumble a bit over what a 'spy pen' actually is.

6:36 AM, February 22, 2010  

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