Sunday, February 07, 2010


Strange recombination of the day, collected while waiting to fill the growler at the local. Two guys are comparing notes about some of the other brewpubs* and trying to figure out which of the waits at a rival establishment is the one who was making fun of customers behind their backs:

A: I know most of them. What does she look like?
B: Kinda dishy -- mousewater blonde.
A: Oh, yeah.

Which meant Czarina and I spent much of the afternoon looking for ways to use "mousewater" in conversation:

Mousewater Jack bought a shotgun
Mousewater ... I am the lost Dauphin!
Did the cat pee on the bookshelf again? No, that's mousewater
MoH2O: Mousewater conservatives

Procrastination is a beautiful thing.

* Our Little Town is just eat up with brewpubs.

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