Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Actually, let's not

And how did this exciting collage end up as the 1A centerpiece at One of America's Newspapers? Because, um ... we're hosting a Web chat with some therapists? Yeah, that'll be it.

It's always a bad sign when your story contradicts the alleged trend you claim in the hed: "There's more help than ever" doesn't translate into "More seek help amid Tiger Woods revelations." But in general, when my morning paper tells me that we should be talking about something, my instinctive response is: Nah. Why don't we talk about the news instead?


Blogger Girl with the Interesting Hair said...

I wonder if this is meant to play off the Salt 'n' Pepa song "Let's Talk About Sex." Or maybe I'm the only one who remembers this song. Regardless, yes, lame attempt to grab readers with tawdry content front & center.

11:51 AM, February 02, 2010  
Anonymous M.C. said...

Hi. I also had the Salt n Pepa song in my head. (Although spelling pepper that way has always made me squirm). I suppose we got the reference.

3:30 PM, February 02, 2010  
Blogger fev said...

You kids turn that stuff down and get off the lawn!

Honest, that reference blew right past me. But I thought it was really cool to hear Simon & Garfunkel ("America") in the grocery store this afternoon, if that helps ...

11:12 PM, February 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a society where sex is often mentioned, but only ever in the context of either boasting about it or laughing about it, the occasional sensible discussion involving a genuine desire on the part of the participants to understand perspectives other than their own would make quite a welcome change.

In other words, there are very good reasons why we as a society ought to talk about sexual matters. But I agree: "because the newspaper told me to" is not among them.

11:14 PM, February 06, 2010  

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