Friday, November 27, 2009

And this just in ...

One of the things I don't miss about copy editing* is the occasional need to bang your head against the same brick wall you had just put a dent in a week ago. Once again, someone in this great land of ours has seen the divine in an unlikely place and called the local paper, which dutifully uploaded its story to the AP, which sent it far and wide to member papers with absolutely no news whatsoever to run, and ... ecce ferrum!

For the record, it's her iron. She can see whatever she wants on it. (I think this one looks like Treebeard the Ent as drawn by William Blake for a custom A-4 peghead, but that might be just me.) And the local paper can do whatever it wants with her account. That creates no obligation in any of the rest of us to go along. Perhaps we should bear that in mind next week when it all happens again.

* If you haven't yet, see John McIntyre's paean to the craft here.


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