Saturday, November 01, 2008

Poll contest: WIN BIG PRIZES!

It's the weekend before the election -- yeah, feels like walking across the plains of Mordor in your stocking feet, doesn't it? -- and some aspects of political discourse are getting a little squirrelly. Given that public-opinion reporting is one of those aspects, editors have a lovely chance to step up and commit a genuine public service by squeezing some of the blather out of "polls say" stories.

So, for that remaining three days, we're offering a free one-year subscription to the HEADSUP-L product of your choice for catching and killing any of the following offenses against the reporting of survey data:

1) "Statistical dead heat"
2) "Within the margin of error"
3) "Real Clear Politics average"

Catch two and win a free subscription for a friend as well. Catch all three and win three full years of editing fun! (If you're nice, the judges might even give you credit for de-snarking a reference to a "single-digit lead.")

If you've been doing your homework, you know the explanations. Write, call or send a carrier pigeon if you have any questions.


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