Saturday, August 09, 2008

You-know-who in a chicken basket

Based on Associated Press reporting on the investigation, the FBI documents released last week and interviews with lawyers, here is a look at what could have been opening statements from the government and the defense if Ivins had lived and the case had gone to trial.

Please, tell me none of journalism's vigilant Cerberi of freedom saw fit to actually run this in print. If this is the new! improved! AP coverage that all the cool kids are talking about, let's have no more of it forever.

I was going to comment on the implications of having heard somebody cite Wikipedia in an academic paper. Somehow, that seems less worrisome than it did before the AP's leap into stagecraftery.

Interns, the comment line is still open for thoughts about your summer adventure. Pls scroll down a bit and offer some advice for your J-schools.


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